Room Booking

This site provide you access to devotee for Booking of room in any of the Sarain at Takhat Sachkhand Sri Hazur Sahib Nanded. It allows to book room in all categories, all capacity, paid or free accommodation. At a booking time system will charge you security amount applicable for room the security amount will be depended on category and number of days selected by you. In case of free accommodation this security amount is refundable.

Note : No Room can be booked for more than 3 Days At one time you can book one room only.

How to Book Room?

Step 1 : Check Availability of Room

  • Sarai Select the Sarai name where you want to book.
  • Accomodation Type here you can select the room size you are looking for all available option for the selected Sarai are available for you. Other wise we are offering room with single bed, double bed, family with two double bed and Hall for group of devotees.
  • Category here you can select the room facilities like AC Room, Nomal Room, Air Cool Room
  • Date From Date To this date period when you are expecting to visit. Note this date period can not be more than 3 days
  • Check Availability System will automatically check room available and it will provide you the list of all rooms available as per your request.
  • Click at Book Now Option in list of room provided to you

Step 2 : Personal Detail

  • Fill up Name of the person willing to visit or to whom name you want to book room.
  • Fill up your other personal details Address, City, Phone No and email.
  • E-mail is mandatory for the purpose to confirm on line receipt of amount.

Step 3 : Payment

  • Payment Mode Payment can be made by Credit Card of any National or International Bank.
  • Pay Now On Click Pay Now the system will automatically check validation on this page, in case there is some error or you have left any mandatory field blank the error will appear on the top of this form in red color. Fill that field carefully and then press Pay now again.
  • Transaction On click on Pay Now Button the system will take you to the highly secured transaction web site of the Bank and here your entire transaction will be kept in secured environment. After the completion financial transaction it will redirect to our site.

Step 4 : Receipt of Payment

  • After the success full transaction an online receipt will be appeared on your screen which will contains all transaction detail along with a Unique Receipt Number.
  • A print button has been provided to take print out of this receipt
  • Please do not get panic in case you did not able to take print out of this receipt on spot, because on line confirmation mail will be mailed to your given e mail address.